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Mansar Lake

Mansar Lake

Fringed by forest-covered hills, Mansar is a popular lake, situated 40 km south of Udhampur and 62 km from Jammu. This lake  is known more for its religious significance and values rather than  for its beauty. This beautiful lake is a hub for Hindu pilgrims. The major attraction of this lake is a 'Food and Crafts Festival' which is organised annually by the J&K Tourism around Baisakhi festival. This occasion provides a wonderful opportunity to have a close look at the tradition, culture, outfits and lifestyle of the local people.

One can find some ancient temples on the banks of the lake, which are visited by devotees in large numbers. The most popular one is the shrine of Lord Sheeshnag, the lord of serpents, which is located on the eastern bank of the lake. Mostly the newly wed couples perform three circumambulations (‘Parikarma’) around the lake to seek the blessings of Sheshnag (the mythological snake god with six heads). There are three other famous temples dedicated to Umapati Mahadev, Narasimha and Goddess Durga respectively. Local people consider it auspicious to perform all the Hindu ceremonies such as Mundan (first hair cut of the baby), marriage etc., in these temples. The lake witnesses pilgrims in heavy numbers during festive occasions, as the devotees visit the place to take a holy dip in the lake.

Mansar offers a marvellous scenery and adequate facilities for boating by the Tourism Department. Tourists can spot fish and seasonal birds including cranes and ducks in the lake and several wild animals like deer, neelgai etc. in the nearby wildlife sanctuary. For a long stay, the J&KTDC provides excellent accommodation options in its Tourist Complex and huts.

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